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      Do you always feel like you give so much to others but never have time for yourself? Do you constantly feel like people are taking advantage of your time and energy? Do you have trouble saying NO when someone asks you to do something? If you answered yes to these questions sign up for a free clarity session with me and find out more about how assertive life coaching could be right for you. 

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From Codependent to Independent


  • Learn to stand up for yourself.

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries.

  • Learn to heal your past to set you free.

Standing Your Ground


Do You Want to:

  • Have the courage to stand up for yourself.

  • Attract Healthy Relationships into your life 

  • Have more self confidence 

  • Set boundaries to feel more freedom 

  • Become a source of Love and Approval to yourself

I give you the tools

to heal your life

Most people use tools to help them in every day life, but they don't have the tools to change their life. In my coaching, I use tools such as EFT tapping, quanta freedom healing, and meditation in order to help you heal. I work to find what past patterns you may be holding onto to help you release what is blocking you.

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